April 2014

I will never forget the words of Dr. John Maxwell during one of his presentations. He talked about what it takes to go after your dreams. He shared that after giving a speech one day a young man came up to him and said, "Dr. Maxwell, I want to do what you do. I want to get paid to speak in front of big groups of people." Dr. Maxwell smiled, looked at the bright eyed and clearly excited young man and said, "You want to do what I do, but are you willing to do everything I've done in order to get to do what I do?" Well put, I thought, as I began to think about my career, what I have done, what I still want to do and what else I am going to need to do in order to get there. We all know there is no magic bullet to success, but I think in today's world of instant gratification, sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking we are going to get there quicker, faster and will less bumps in the road than those before us.