April 2014

photo (6)What am I going to do? It's the question that rolls around in our minds when we are faced with certain life situations where the answer isn't as obvious as we would like it to be.  Should I take that job?  Should I break up with my boyfriend?  Is now the time to finally start my business?  Should I invest that much money into a business coach? Oh, it is never ending isn't it?  It's all of these things that make life so much fun.  And it's also the excuse we need to get our girlfriends together with a nice bottle of wine, deep conversation and most likely their thoughtful advice. When we ask for advice, most of the time what we are really looking for is an answer.  We want to know what we should do and since we can't make up our minds, we turn to our friends, colleagues, mentors, etc. in hopes that they can shed some light on the situation and ultimately tell us what to do.  Shame on us for trying to take the easy way out.  We should know by now that the only person who knows what we should do is ourselves.