Are You All Talk?

Are You All Talk?

About your goals, that is. I’ve always heard that in order to reach a goal you need to be vocal about it. Tell people what you are trying to do and not only will they support you, but they may also have the opportunity to help. Yep, I have heard it a thousand times to let people in on those big dreams we all have.

And then I watched this TED talk by Derek Sivers called Keep Your Goals to Yourself.  What? Now we aren’t supposed to tell anyone about our goals? And if we do, we are less likely to actually follow through? Well, that’s not cool.

So I thought about it and then realized that it actually makes sense. That feeling that he talks about getting after sharing your goals really does happen! You do get that sense of accomplishment. You give youself a high five (in your mind, of course) and as you continue with the conversation you realize that your emotional high starts to fade as quickly as it started once you begin to imagine all that it will take to actually get there.

We’ve all got big goals. Anyone can talk about it, but only those who truly have a clear vision will actually make them happen.

So what’s one tip you can share about what YOU do to accomplish your goals? Leave a comment below. 🙂