After nine hours, two stops, multiple podcasts, phone calls and of course rockin’ out to great music, I had finally arrived to the beautiful city of Charleston, SC where I would start what I am calling my life changing trip. Why life changing?  Mostly because I am ready for some life changes.  For me, getting out of the area I have lived for most of my life and moving to a new city for a month seemed pretty amazing and I immediately started figuring out a way to make it happen. One night while I was chatting with my friend Patty and sharing my plans, she invited me to stay with her.  And just like that, I jumped at the chance, planned my trip and here I am in a cute little town called Mt. Pleasant which is just outside of Charleston. As you can imagine I had lots of time to think during my long drive and I’m pretty sure it was about the time I was heading into Savannah that I started having a mini freak out.  You know what I’m talking about.  Those moments when you just start freaking out, start over thinking everything, doubts start creeping into your mind and you wish you had a crystal ball to show you how everything is going to turn out. As my mind began racing with a variety of thoughts, I remembered a comment my friend and mentor made on my Facebook page .  He wrote: “BE BOLD, BE FEARLESS, BE OF GOOD HEART and u will do great things!!!” Be Bold.  Be Fearless. It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day activities of life that we start to push our dreams aside.  We make excuses for not pursuing something that we have wanted to for years.  That one thing you have talked about with friends over and over, think about before getting into bed at night or start daydreaming about while waiting in line at the grocery store. Whether it’s finally starting a business, writing your book, learning to play the violin, becoming a certified yoga teacher or figuring out how to sell your artwork, we all have a passion and it is in our hearts for a reason.  Every day you get to decide to pursue your goals and passions or make excuses.  I hope that you decide to move forward.  Be bold.  Be fearless even when you think you can’t. What is one thing you can start doing today to get you one step closer to your dream?  Even if you aren’t quite sure what the right steps are, do something.  Taking action will open doors and lead you to things you can’t even imagine right now. Here’s to being bold and fearless.

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