Don't Wait…Just Go!

Don't Wait…Just Go!

Ok, be honest…how many ideas do you have rolling around in your head.  You know, those projects that you are convinced will change your life and maybe even the world.  You definitely talk about them a lot, but you are still waiting around for that perfect time to get started.  Yep, you’ll know when it’s right.  You’re amazing at convincing yourself that you will one day wake up and say “today is the day” and finally start to take action.   

Well, guess what…not gonna happen…there’s no perfect time.  I know…sad, right?  Nah, it’s actually pretty cool because the time is now!  Oh yeah, that idea you can’t stop chatting about with your friends so much that they are starting to screen your calls, is ready!  Don’t sleep on it and “see how you feel”.  No need to run it by 50 of your closest friends to get their opinion first.  Nope, don’t bother.  All you need to do is start! 

Warning: It won’t be perfect and tons of people will probably not like it or they’ll think it’s a really bad idea (and they won’t be shy about telling you).  My advice?  Take a look at the people who are giving you this brilliant feedback (and I hope you’re catching the sarcasm) and keep going.

My friend Kyle Sexton always tells me to stop waiting for permission to do something.  Don’t just sit there and expect someone to tell me to make something happen.  I’ve known Kyle for about five years now and what I’ve watched him do with his business inspires me.  Was it always easy?  Of course not!  Did he constantly have people cheering him on…lol…yeah right!  But guess what, he wanted to create a sales system and…BAM…he wanted to become a speaker and train people about marketing and sales strategies….DONE…he said he was going to write a book (how many of us say that every year) and you guessed it…check it out REMEMBERSHIP  (oh and definitely flip to  page 96…I don’t want to give the surprise away, but I totally got a mention…can you say AWESOME!)

Your Ideas Rock!!  There, I said it!!  Get around the people in your life that actually support you…you and all of your crazy ideas that WILL change your life…and the world.  So go make something really cool happen!  You know you want to! 🙂