And that’s the easy part.  People come up with great ideas every day.  It’s the ones who actually execute on the idea that get to watch it come alive.

Like many people, I’ve come up with a lot of ideas…businesses that I have wanted to start (and some that I did), initiatives that I thought about leading and everything in between.  In my fascinating journey to entrepreneurship I’ve learned a thing or two about taking action on an idea.  I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some of the best entrepreneurs and some of the…well..not so much (but hey, we’re all learning every day and have the opportunity to make changes). 🙂

The mentors in my life who have achieved great success have always stressed the importance of focus and execution.  Having the idea is one thing, but actually formulating a plan and executing is entirely different.  Sometimes I hear people say that they are the “idea person”.  Hmmm….ok, great, but what’s next?

With so many different things you can spend your time on, how do you decide which ideas to pursue and which to store away to start another time (or maybe never at all)?  Share your comments below now…we’d love to hear them.


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