The time to be creative is now. Whether it’s in your business or your life, let your creativity take over and do something different, start something new, add that new product or service to your business that you’ve been thinking about for a while, but are secretly scared because you’re not sure how it will go. Try it! Do it. If it doesn’t work…stop doing it. And if it works….see your creativity paid off and now you are free and confident to continue to create even more fabulousness in the world.

Try out for Shark Tank, write a book, start a blog, start a business that just one year ago wasn’t possible.  Go!  Do something amazing!

I recently watched this TED talk called How to Build Your Creative Confidence by David Kelly. Watch it if you think you are the most creative person on the plane.  Watch it if you aren’t feeling so inspired to tap into your creative mind. You’ve got things rolling around your head that nobody else is thinking, feeling or yearning to do because…well…you’re meant to.  So go do it.

Source: via Josh on Pinterest

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