[VIDEO] How To Work From Home Effectively – Best Practices To Stay Productive

[VIDEO] How To Work From Home Effectively – Best Practices To Stay Productive

In this video, I share my tips and best practices for staying productive when working from home. With all that’s going on at the moment, you might find yourself working remotely for the first time. And I totally get it – it might seem super tempting to sit in your PJs all day or host a video call with your cat sitting on your lap, but trust me, that’s not a good look. 😉

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Here’s what helps me stay productive: 0:28 – Create a routine Plan your day the night before. Pick one to three things that are priorities. Be clear on what the most important tasks are and block out times for each.

1:59 – Get up, dress up, show up! Dressing up helps to shift your mindset. If you look and feel good, your results will reflect this.

3:00 – Office space = office mindset You need a dedicated workspace. Having a defined work area helps to distinguish between home and work. And no, your bed doesn’t count!

4:07 – Use the Pomodoro Technique The Pomodoro Technique is a time management system that involves breaking your time up into 25 minute intervals. After 25 minutes of work, you then take a 5 minute break. For me, this helps me to get a lot more accomplished. Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments below!

5:32 – Give yourself a break You can’t just sit at your desk all day. You need constant breaks to help you feel reinvigorated and keep your productivity high.

6:03 – Stay Connected When working remotely, communication becomes critical. Schedule regular chats with your team, whether that be via Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts. It’s important we all feel part of a team and not isolated and alone.

6:41 Distraction-proof your day Identify what distracts you, then put measures into place to ensure you don’t fall into the trap! For example, if you find yourself sucked into a social media vortex where you spend hours scrolling on your feeds, try installing apps that block sites during certain hours.

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