Why Do You Like That?

Why Do You Like That?

This year, I invested in a membership program on a mission to help people create better content. It’s really fun to be part of a community of creators who care deeply about improving their work and sharing ideas with the world. During a recent brainstorming session with group members, I mentioned a book I’m reading to support my team’s sales and marketing efforts in building our business. Interestingly, it sparked a lively debate. Two members aren’t fans of the author’s approach, and it led to a passionate discussion.Later, one of the members reached out, concerned I might have taken offense. I assured him it was unnecessary. I love the diversity of opinions and experiences in the group. I always leave our calls with new insights, which is a key reason I joined the community in the first place. When I consume content, be it a book, article, podcast, or video, I take what resonates and works for me and leave the rest. That’s the beauty of different voices sharing ideas; some will hit home more than others. It’s a good reminder that not everyone will like your content, just as not everyone will like mine. And that’s perfectly okay. We’re not creating for the masses. We’re creating what matters to us and believe the right people will appreciate it. So, let’s embrace curiosity, not just about what we like or don’t like, but why we feel that way. Uncovering why we like or dislike certain pieces of work influences how we create our own content. It creates space for us to be more authentic in our ideas because we’re clear about what we believe in, what we’re fighting for, and why it matters. We also get to explore new forms of content creation and discover what suits us well. Here’s your invitation to spend some time this week reflecting on what you like and why. It’s a journey worth taking. Cheers to embracing our unique tastes and creating meaningful content.

Ideas to Inspire

1. Discover what inspiring lessons we can learn from Rick Rubin’s book The Creative Act. I’m testing the name Book Gems for this new series. What do you think? 💎2. The beautiful song That Part by Lauren Spencer Smith makes me smile. 3. Inspiring Quote: “There’s a time for certain ideas to arrive, and they find a way to express themselves through us.” – Rick Rubin 4. Book Recommendation: If you need a dose of creative courage, check out Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. 5. Journaling Prompt: What did you like best about the last book, podcast, or song you consumed?

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