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Do You Believe in Your Ideas? Start Now!

How would your life be different if you gave yourself permission to pursue your ideas and do more of what you love? Not because you know everything will go as planned, not because it’s guaranteed to work, but simply because you believe in your idea and the very thought of bringing it to life fills you with passion and energy.
My hope for you is that you make the choice to pursue more of the things you love. To act on your ideas. To allow yourself to start a creative project you’ve been thinking about, pick up a new hobby you’ve told yourself you’ll try one of these days, attend an event outside your comfort zone, or have the courage to reach out to a person you admire. My hope is that you think about the reasons behind why your dreams and ideas are so important to you in the first place and finally give yourself permission to start.
So if you…
• would like to build better business relationships online and offline
• believe in the power of online marketing and are ready to create a plan that’s right for your business
• are craving a thought partner you can talk strategy with and share ideas
Let’s connect.

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How would you like to create marketing so useful that people will pay for it if you ask them to? As the founder and president of Convince & Convert, that’s exactly what Jay Baer helps his clients do. With more than 20 years’ experience working with the world’s most iconic brands, Jay and his team help companies get better at social media and content marketing.

I’ve been a fan of Dave’s for years. It’s been really cool watching him build his brand and continue to inspire and impact thousands of small businesses every day. Since I know how busy he is, I was psyched when he agreed to talk with me to share some of his social media marketing tips. During our chat he revealed some really awesome insights, including: his secret formula for writing a great article on LinkedIn. Hint: “The headline is about 90 percent of what it takes to be successful.” the three types of content businesses can create to generate more shares, likes and comments. the No. 1 thing business owners can do to save time.

During this fun Blab chat, Karyn and I give some great strategies to own your badassery and promote your business with style and grace. If you want to create opportunities, it’s important to let others know who you are, what you do and how you can help them. When you start sharing this with the world, the possibilities are endless.

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