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Inspired Action Challenge

Inspired Action

Achieve Your #1 goal in 30 Days!

30-Day Challenge


Increase the chances of achieving your goals by up to 85% through accountability.

Create more wins in your business and life.
Choose one goal you want to achieve and we’ll provide simple strategies and support to help you achieve it over the next 30 days.

What to Expect

Step 1: What’s Your Goal?

Everyone involved in the challenge will start by choosing ONE goal they are committed to achieving over 30 days. We know you’re probably working on many initiatives. However, committing to only one will help you gain the clarity and focus needed to make it happen. Plus, once you’ve achieved your goal, you’ll be inspired to use the same process to accomplish even more.

“Stop wearing your wishbone where your
backbone ought to be.”
– Elizabeth Gilbert

Step 2: Take Inspired Action Daily

Once you’ve identified your goal, we’ll help you create a list of daily and weekly activities to take action on in order to achieve that goal. That’s right, we’re going to help you break it down day by day to ensure you start generating some great wins in your business and life. Yes!

Step 3: Expand Your Network

ABC. Always be connecting. Reaching out to collaborators is a powerful step in this process. You’ll get strategic and identify the individuals you would like to start building a relationship with because you believe they made be able to help you achieve your goal and you can also provide value to them.

“Sometimes you can’t see yourself clearly until
you see yourself through the eyes of others.”
– Ellen DeGeneres

Step 4: Find Time

Ten minutes here. Thirty minutes there. And before we know it, the day is over and we didn’t accomplish our most important tasks. Let’s be honest. We all have something(s) in our calendar we could delete. We’ll help you identify and remove some time-wasters in order to add time in your day to get important work done.

Step 5: Be Inspired to Create Small Wins

We’ll be holding weekly online chats every Monday evening at 8pm EST to provide strategies and tips to ensure you hold yourself accountable and stop making excuses.

Plus, you’ll be part of an incredible group of women who are working towards their goal. We’ve gotta stick together, right? Imagine looking at the plan you created with a clearly defined roadmap to successfully reach your number one goal. How awesome is that?!

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Invite your friends to join the fun!

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