Start Here

Start Here

You found my website. YAY!

Since you’re here it means one of three things.
1.) You’re working hard to grow your small business. Keep it up!
2.) You have an awesome idea (possibly a side hustle that could one day turn into a business), but you aren’t sure how to get started.
3.) You watched one of my videos, attended a workshop or found me online somewhere and decided I was interesting enough to connect with. Awesome! I hope I can help you.

Either way, I’m glad you’re here. I look forward to hearing your ideas and helping you get better results. It’s all part of the journey, right?

So, what do I do?

Through my high energy monthly workshops and one-on-one strategy sessions, I empower business owners to create better content, connect with their community, and get better results for their business.

I help my clients:
• Create a video marketing strategy
• Build strategic alliances & enhance current business relationships
• Connect with the right digital marketing agency
• Uncover new opportunities in their local market
• Take more action to create opportunities for themselves

We may be a great fit for each other if you are a business owner who:
• Feels like you aren’t making as much progress as you should be
• Is interested in leveraging digital marketing, such as social media, but isn’t sure where to begin
• Craves better structure and a plan you can stick with

Let’s connect and find out!