Do you love what you do?

Love your work is about inspiring you to do work that matters. Whether you are an entrepreneur, intrapreneur or simply excited about creating and sharing the cool work you are doing, this is the place to find resources, share ideas and get inspired.

It is possible to be excited about Monday morning instead of simply working for the weekend and dreading the start of a new week. You can feel empowered by what you are contributing to your life, your business or the organization you are part of.

I have worked for other people and I have worked for myself. Like everything in life, both have their pros and cons. Figuring out where you fit best may take some time, and you may even go back and forth, but the constant will always be giving it your all and doing work that matters no matter where you are.

Here's to loving your work!


Start Doing the Work You Care About

Are you doing work you believe in?  I’m not simply talking about the work you get paid to do.  I’m talking about the projects and initiatives you are most excited to share; your poetry, music and ideas.

We all believe in a particular message so strongly that when we talk about it people can’t help but listen. Whether it’s around our favorite charity or mission, a book we’ve read that changed the way we see the world or a business idea we can’t stop thinking about, our eyes get a little wider when we’re talking about it and the thoughts of how to share our message keeps us up at night.

What is that for you?  Is there something you believe in and feel like you should be the one out there sharing it with the world?

All you have to do is check out Kickstarter or Indigogo to see some of the creative projects and work people are committed to getting out into the world.  It’s inspiring to watch documentaries like Food Matters, I AM or MissRepresentation and see how some people are willing to put themselves out there in order to spread a message they believe in.

So many of us have a passion and desire to write a book, start a movement or build a useful app, but we make excuses for why we don’t start.  Maybe it’s because we have a full time job or we think we need a lot of money or we are unsure it will actually work (and the reality is it might not, but that’s ok).  Whatever your reason for procrastinating on the work you know you should be doing, stop that and start now!

The girls at Indie Chick’s Magazine are one of my recent favorites of people giving it their all to do work they care about.  I had the opportunity to write an article for their first print edition so I was able to see first hand how awesome this group of women is.  They have a message and are sharing it with the world every day. They empower women to take ownership of their life and become the best version of themselves in every area.

They recently launched an Indigogo Campaign and it was inspiring to watch as Chiarra Mazzucco, Chrystal Rose and Julie Zantopoulos fiercely went after their goal and the best part is they reached it!!!  Oh yeah!!! They raised $20,000 to continue to get their magazine printed and on the shelves for women everywhere to enjoy. At one point, Chiarra and Chrystal were standing in the middle of time square spreading their message to everyone passing by.

Would you go that far to spread your message and share your work with the world?

There is something inside of you that you want to share and there is absolutely nothing in your way to start getting it out.

We’re all waiting.  Start now.


Are You Ready to Get Unstuck?

photo (7)When life isn’t going as you planned (and let’s face it, how often does that really happen?) and you aren’t excited about where you are or what’s going on, you have options. You can:

  1. Keep doing what you’re doing and hope to get different results (we all know what that means)
  2. Suck it up and try to convince yourself that you enjoy where you are and what is going on around you
  3. Decide to make changes

Although it seems obvious which option you should go with, let’s face it, the others are sometimes easier. Definitely not fun, but easier for sure.

We all experience feeling stuck at different points in our lives.  Knowing we aren’t exactly where we want to be, but not necessarily sure where we are trying to go.  During these times of stucky-ness (what?  Not a word?) we often feel alone.  We tend to lock ourselves in a room and act as if nobody else could possibly understand what we are going through.

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Journey of a Young Entrepreneur: Interview with Channing Miller

photo (2)When I found out my friends Nick Mohnacky and Chris Callahan, co-founders of SurfrApp, were opening Startup Palm Beach, an entrepreneur resource center, I was beyond excited.  A chill space where entrepreneurs can gather together to not only get work done, but also bounce ideas off of each other when they need to get unstuck about a particular challenge.

I head up to visit the space and attend their events whenever possible to touch base and see what cool things are happening.  I love talking to entrepreneurs about their journey.  The never ending ups, downs, twists and turns we all experience while building a business are constantly keeping us on our toes.   Being surrounded by others who are pursuing their dreams is almost necessary during the challenging times when we feel like no one else could possibly understand what we are going through.

There is always such an amazing energy at Startup Palm Beach.  People are hustling, ideas are being shared and no matter what how crazy your business may seem, this group believes it is possible. When I met Channing Miller, Co-Founder of Baru Exchange I was drawn to his positive energy and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.  No matter what is happening in his business and life, he always has a smile on his face and is excited about opportunities ahead.

I was so happy when Channing agreed to be interviewed.  In our casual conversation, we talked entrepreneurship, surfing, being open to opportunities and how to turn negative situations into positive ones. Check out my interview with Channing here:

I would love to hear your thoughts so please comment below and let me know what you think.

And don’t forget to check out Baru Exchange.



Craving Inspiration? Surround Yourself with Crazies

photoI’ve been doing a lot of self reflection over the past few weeks .  I have been thinking about all of the things I’ve done, the decisions I’ve made, the cool people I’ve met and of course what the future holds. We all go through it.  Asking those ever important questions:

Am I doing what I am meant to do? 

Should I be at a different place in my life?

How can I better serve others and change the world?

So, what do you do when you find yourself in this place of self-discovery?  Some try to shut it off (if you figured out how, please let me know how you accomplish it), others play out the same conversation with themselves over and over in their head and some actually take such massive action they probably don’t realize what they’ve even done until days later.

While everyone has their own method of figuring things out and deciding what their next move will be, I tend to reach out to my creative friends who are doing cool things.  Fortunately, I know some amazing individuals who are not only doing what they love, but are also changing lives in the process.

My friends Nick Mohnacky and Chris Callahan are two people I reach out to when I need some creative energy and inspiration.  Not only did they create SurfrApp, but they also co-founded Startup Palm Beach, an entrepreneur resource center.  Yeah, they’re pretty much amazing and I feel lucky that they pick up the phone when I call, or more likely, tweet.

Two nights ago, they hosted an event with special guest Jason SurfrApp (yeah, that’s his last name – click here to find out how that happened), speaker & author of Creativity for Sale.  Jason talked about his crazy awesome journey as an entrepreneur; from getting paid to wear t-shirts for a living to selling his last name to raising $75,000 to write his first book (before he wrote a single word…um….how awesome is that?!)!

During the discussion other entrepreneurs in the room chimed in to share their opinions and experiences.  It was awesome to be surrounded by other people going through the journey of being an entrepreneur.  The ups and downs and complete craziness of it all sometimes.

We talked about when to make a shift, how to stop doing something you know is no longer serving you, how to make it through the most difficult times, why relationships are key and where to find some helpful resources.  It was such an inspiring evening.

I felt awesome on my ride home!  Hearing those stories and being surrounded by people who believe in the idea that they can do anything, get through the challenging times, and never give up on their dreams is absolutely inspiring.

Whether you are currently an entrepreneur or you are working a day job and pursuing your passion on the side, my hope for you is that you keep moving forward.  Take action and believe in your vision.  Your direction may change and you sometimes you may do something that feels like taking a step backwards, but as long as you have a clear vision and are always taking some kind of action to move forward, you will get to wherever it is you are meant to be.  The course probably won’t look the way you think it should, but hey, that’s all part of the process, so embrace it and just have fun!

When you feel like giving up and are craving some kind of inspiration, find some crazies; the people who are hustling and fiercely pursuing their passion.  They get knocked down and get up with a smile on their face. They believe in you and your vision.  They believe that they can find a way, create a new path and have no time for negative people.

Who do you hang out with when you are craving inspiration and know you need to take action?  What else do you do to get yourself in the mindset of getting your work done?  I would love to hear from you so comment below.