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Love your work is about inspiring you to do work that matters. Whether you are an entrepreneur, intrapreneur or simply excited about creating and sharing the cool work you are doing, this is the place to find resources, share ideas and get inspired.

It is possible to be excited about Monday morning instead of simply working for the weekend and dreading the start of a new week. You can feel empowered by what you are contributing to your life, your business or the organization you are part of.

I have worked for other people and I have worked for myself. Like everything in life, both have their pros and cons. Figuring out where you fit best may take some time, and you may even go back and forth, but the constant will always be giving it your all and doing work that matters no matter where you are.

Here's to loving your work!


7 Digital Marketing Tips to Grow Your Small Business

Diptic (3)This week I had the pleasure of speaking at Palm Beach State College’s Women’s Entrepreneur Network.  What an awesome group of women (and even a few men)!  I shared 7 digital marketing tips to help you grow your small business.

With so many options, it can be challenging to decide where to spend your marketing dollars.  But when you have the right strategy in place, you are sure to get results.  You can check out my presentation below.  And if you have any questions, please reach out to me so I can help.

Check out what some of the participants had to say about this presentation:

“Kate’s presentation was so comprehensive and understandable.  I really enjoyed it and learned a great deal.”
- Joan Greenberg, Regional Director, Manpower

“Kate’s presentation was awesome!  Her passion and enthusiasm for marketing is undeniable.  She is extremely knowledgable in all areas of digital marketing and makes it easy for business owners to understand.” – Deborah Bernard Lanford, FSBDC at Palm Beach State College

“Wow! Kate really knows what she is talking about.  My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation and were psyched to go back to our office to start implementing some of the strategies she discussed.”
- Bernard, Founder of B-Shock Sports & Youth Development, Inc.

“Amazing presentation!  I have had the pleasure of working with Kate in the past so I am aware of her skills as a marketing, but watching her in action speaking to this group was awesome!  Not only did she share great marketing tips, but she did so in a way that was very understandable and exciting.”
- Grace Joyce, Principal, Community Development Solutions.


New Year’s Eve Happenings & One Quality You Need to Succeed

Looking for something cool to do in West Palm Beach this New Year’s Eve?  And when the party’s over, and 2015 begins, do you have this quality necessary to be successful in business and life?

Check out my fun chat with Aaron Wormus as we discuss both of these topics and more.  Enjoy!

Click here to check out Aaron’s blog for a list of New Year’s Eve events being held on Clematis Street.

For all of you entrepreneurs looking for a place other than your home and local coffee shops to work from, you must check out Cendyn Spaces.  It’s an innovative hybrid workplace with a cutting-edge business center and communal office environment that adapts to the way you work.

And here’s the Forbes article, How to Be a Super-Achiever: The 10 Qualities That Matter, I mentioned. It’s a quick and great read.

We’d love to hear your thoughts so be sure to drop us a line.  And stay connect with us on Twitter @katevolman and @aguyonclematis.

Now go do something awesome!


West Palm Beach Happenings with Aaron Wormus

There’s a lot happening in the business community in West Palm Beach.  And Aaron Wormus always knows what’s going on.  From new restaurant openings to events for entrepreneurs like StartUp Weekend, he’s got you covered.

I met Aaron a few years ago while working as the marketing director for the City of West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency. I quickly discovered he was a local celebrity who made a name for himself on Twitter as @aguyonclematis and his blog A Guy On Clematis.  I was so impressed with the community he built and how passionate he was about West Palm Beach it was only a matter until we became friends.

He and I have great conversations about entrepreneurship, small business, social media and of course marketing.  During our chats we always end up saying we should record a video series discussing upcoming happenings in West Palm Beach with a specific focus on the topics of entrepreneurship and marketing.

So we finally decided to take action!  Below is the first of many videos we’ll be sharing with you.  We would love to hear your feedback so don’t be shy!  You can reach Aaron at @aguyonclematis and me at @katevolman.

We hope you enjoyed this video.  We are excited to share great resources with you so if you have any questions, please let us know.

Thanks for watching.  Now go do something awesome!