3 Email Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

3 Email Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Since social media continues to be the hot topic of conversation among most business owners and marketers, it can be easy to forget how powerful and effective an email marketing strategy can be to acquire new customers and grow your small business.

Email marketing should be part of your small business marketing strategy, but it needs to be thought out and executed in the right way. Before you send another email to your prospects and clients, here are three tips to consider to make it more effective.

  1. Write a Compelling Subject Line.We get hundreds of emails in our in-boxes, and if we expect people to open ours, they have to be enticing and exciting enough for someone to open it up to see what we have to say. Using words like “Thank you,” or “Order today,” tend to get a higher open rate. Personalizing your emails is also very important. Add the reader’s name in the subject line of the email. Think about the emails that you open. They probably have subject lines like, “Check this out, John(or whatever your name is)!” It’s simple to do and you’ll most likely see a higher open rate so give it a try.
  2. Create Mobile Friendly Emails.Over 65% of people open their emails on a mobile device and it’s important to make sure yours look great no matter how someone is viewing it. If they open it on their phone and it looks bad or the links are too small to click on they’re probably going to delete it. You spent precious time working on a great message so make sure it’s user friendly. Most email providers provide a lot of great templates to choose from so make sure you’re choosing one that’s mobile friendly.
  3. Include a Strong Call to Action. 

    You shouldn’t be sending emails just for the sake of sending emails. Every one that you send should have a purpose. And it needs to include a strong call to action prompting the reader what to do (ex: sign up now, book your appointment, purchase today, check out my latest blog post, etc.). What action do you want the reader to take? Make sure it’s very clear, concise, and not confusing otherwise people may not take any action at all.

Once your email is ready to go, do not forget this really important final action step…send a test email. Send it to yourself and someone in your office or a friend or colleague. It’s important to make sure the email looks great, all of the links are working and it’s getting to your clients, customers and prospects the way you intended.

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