By now, most owners know that content marketing is a great way to build their business. We have to create and share really great content if we expect to attract the right audience. With so much content already online. It can be so challenging to create content that actually generates results in our business. We can see it in two different ways. We can get super frustrated and not do anything, or we can look at it as an opportunity for us to do our best work. We can create something truly remarkable that our audience is excited to get from us. As a creator myself, I am constantly coming up with new ideas and trying different things, not only in my own business but also for my clients.

In this video, I shared three tips to help you create a content marketing strategy for your business. Number one, identify what makes you business famous. What the heck is business famous? It’s that thing that sets you apart from everyone else. That thing you do best. The way you become business famous is by sharing your knowledge. You’re an expert in your industry.  Oftentimes we take for granted all the things we know because it’s common knowledge to us. However, it’s not common knowledge to everyone else. Think about your industry. What do you know that you can start sharing? What are the top five tips or ideas that you want to share with your audience because you know it’s going to provide value to them?

For example, Convince & Convert works with some of the world’s most interesting brands to double their digital marketing and customer service success. Jay Baer is the founder and he has definitely become business famous. He is a digital expert, a speaker, and author, overall incredible entrepreneur. When you go to the Convince & Convert website, you find blog posts, podcasts, books, all creating valuable content around digital marketing and customer service. He has done such an incredible job of consistently creating valuable content for his audience. The information he shares is relevant, timely, and helpful. When a brand is finally ready to enhance their digital marketing or improve their customer experience, they know exactly who to call.

What makes you business famous? Number two, decide what type of content you’re excited to create. If you or someone on your team isn’t excited to create it, it’s not going to get done. How many times have you said, “I’m going to start blogging”, “I’m going to start that podcast”, “I’m going to start doing more videos”, and it never gets done? It’s easy to push that stuff off to the side. However, if you’re excited to create it because you really believe in the value of your message, it’s going to inspire you to take more action. For example, I love creating video content. For me, it is helpful to share the information I want to share with you through a video.

Others love writing. Do you love writing blog posts? Maybe you want to start a podcast because you’re really into recording audio content. If you have a business where you’re working with a lot of stats, figures and numbers, and you love sharing that information with people, infographics would be an awesome piece of content for you to start creating. In fact, Neil Patel, another really awesome digital expert, talks about how he was able to double his traffic using infographics. What about you? Decide what type of content you are excited to start creating consistently. Here’s a tip. Think about the people you’re already following online. You’re following them for a reason. They are probably creating really great content that you love consuming.

For example,  I’m really interested in health and fitness. I work out all the time and I love that industry so I follow a few YouTubers because they share really incredible information about food and nutrition. Sometimes they even bring their audience along when they go grocery shopping to share what they’re buying and updating their followers on the latest trends. I love consuming that content because not only is it valuable, but I can tell they love what they do.

What type of content are you committed to creating consistently?

Lastly, just start. Start creating and sharing. It’s so easy for us to get stuck in our head and to overthink our content marketing because we want it to be perfect. We need to just get started. As long as you know you’re there to provide value to your audience and you believe in your message, go for it. You know you’re going to create something the right people are going to find helpful. Oftentimes when we sit down to create content, we start getting imposter syndrome. We start thinking things like “Who am I to share this?”, “This isn’t good enough.”, or “It’s already been done before.” Stop that. If you believe in your message, get started creating content. Then it’s time to share it.

I talked to so many business owners who have videos, podcasts or blog posts just sitting there because they don’t think it’s good enough. Look, it’s not going to be perfect. Perfect doesn’t exist. So get started.

I would love to hear from you. What type of content are you creating to attract the right audience? Comment below and let me know.