The most effective leaders in the world have incredible communication skills. In this video, I’ll share three ways to improve communication and become a better leader.

  1. Confidence. Great leaders speak with authority. They know exactly what they are trying to achieve and they paint a clear vision which is why we are attracted to join them in their mission.
  2. Remove filler words. One way to start speaking with more confidence is by removing filler words. For example, like, um, ya know. Unless we are actively monitoring our words, we usually don’t recognize how many filler words we’re using. Years ago I was part of Toast Masters, a group dedicate to helping people improve their public speaking skills. I’ll never forget the first time I had to share a presentation in front of the group. Every time I said um, like, ya know, someone rang a bell. And my face probably turned red every time. That experience definitely helped me recognize just how many times I was using filler words, which diluted my presentation.

  3. Say What You Mean to Say. When we are communicating a message, it’s our job to figure out how we are going to effectively share it the way it’s intended. In Verlyn Klinkenborg’s book Several Short Sentences About Writing, he says, “Knowing what you’re trying to say is always important. But knowing what you’ve actually said is crucial.” Powerful, right? Know what you mean to say, and they make sure people understand it the way you intended.

  4. Stay Optimistic. Even when having healthy conflict, it’s important to stay positive and work towards the best result for everyone.

  5. Become a Great Listener. The best leaders in the world are constantly listening to their team members, clients, audiences, and community. Only by listening can we truly understand other people’s concerns, needs, and how we can better communicate with them. 

We can all become more effective communicators. I hope these five tips help you in your journey to becoming a better leader. If you liked this video, please like it and also share it with another leader you think may find it helpful as well. And if you want to see more content just like this, I invite you to subscribe to my channel so we can stay connected.