4am and Ready for Something Fabulous

4am and Ready for Something Fabulous

Do you ever get that sense that something BIG is going to happen?  I mean amazing…huge… life changing!  Lately this is exactly how I’ve been feeling and it’s getting me really psyched.  Today I woke up at 4:15am.  And I don’t mean I looked over at my alarm clock and rolled right back over for that extra hour of sleep.  Nope, I woke up full of excitment and couldn’t wait to start my day!

I think I finally figured out why I feel like this.  I’m more open to opportunities.  I’ve been sharing my goals with people I meet and almost every time I do, an awesome conversation starts and my mind starts racing with new ideas and things I want to pursue…things that I never really thought I could do, but…well…really WANT to.  So what’s stopping me?  Nothing…anymore! 🙂

It’s so easy to just go about our days doing what it is that we always do, but when you are pursuing your big dreams, you’ve gotta get out there and experience new things, meet cool people and…well…figure out how you are going to accomplish big things!

Be open to opportunities.

Try something new every day (even if it’s just a new dish at your favorite restaurant or going to a new coffee shop).

Talk to strangers. It’s amazing how someone you don’t even know can change your life forever with one conversation.

Dream huge and go do something amazing!

Are you feeling like big things are going to happen?  Tell me, tell me….we all want to hear!  Comment below. 🙂

Image: jscreationzs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net