4 Steps to Love Your Career Path

4 Steps to Love Your Career Path

While in my twenties I envisioned myself as a successful entrepreneur with offices in New York, Chicago and California.  Yep, I’d watch The Devil Wears Prada and dream of a day that I, too would prace around New York City in my stilettos with non-fat latte in one hand and the latest Chanel handbag in the other.  My girlfriends and I would spend hours at brunch followed by a day of shopping.  Oh yeah, my imaginary life pretty much rocked!! 

Now, in my thirties I see things just a bit differently (and by “a bit” I mean absolutely and completely night and day different).  I used to think that I had to reach a certain phase of my career while in my twenties.  Imean, accomplishments just don’t mean anything once you hit thirty, everyone knows that (hope you’re getting the sarcasm). 🙂  It’s only recently that I discovered that I might have been a bit hard on myself.  I’ve tried a lot of different things over the years.  Some worked…some didn’t, but they all helped me get to right here and that is pretty fantastical. 

Are you where you thought you would be in your career?  I love asking this question because almost everyone emphatically says NO with little or no hesitation.  We all have these ideas of where we should be on our journey and I speak with so many women who put themselves down when sharing where they thought they would be in life.  Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, there are lots of ways to appreciate your journey while continuing your fabulously crazy path to success.  Here are just a few…

1. Give Yourself Some Credit…You Deserve it!  
We often forget about all of the fabulous things we have done up to now.  We haven’t been perfect (gasp…I know, but come on, let’s be honest) and yes, there were some bumps along the way, but remember everything that you have gone through up to this point in your career has helped you get to where you are.  Even if you are not exactly where you thought you’d be, appreciate your situation and continue to be even more fabulous each day.

2.  Be Better Today than You Were Yesterday!
Always strive to be better.  We can’t allow ourselvers to get complacent in our careers or we will never grow.  Learn something new, go to a conference, create a new product, read something that you are unfamiliar with…anything that will help you become even more amazing.  

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail 
One of my favorite books is Failing Forward by John Maxwell.  He explains that we all experience failure in our lives and as long as we learn something from it and move on, we will grow.  If you want to start a business, do it. If there is a new system that you believe would increase your company’s productivity, speak up!  Take risks and don’t be afraid of failure…it happens to the best of us. 🙂 

4.  Dream Huge
Go after the life you imagine.  Even those things that at first glance seem impossibe, if it is what you truly want, go for it and don’t let anyone stop you.  It’s amazing who and what will show up in your life when you are always going after your goals and pursuing your dream career. 

Are you where you thought you would be in your career?  Any advice to share?  We’d love to hear it so don’t be shy…comment below! 🙂

Image: photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net