Are You All Talk?

Are You All Talk?

You have some amazing ideas.  Come on, admit it…they’re pretty fabulous. Things that may seem absolutely crazy to others, but you just know it will work.  Whether it’s a new business, product, career move, book or group you want to start, you are confident that you will make it happen.

You can’t stop thinking about it.  It keeps you up at night and even when you’re in an important meeting completely unrelated to your idea, you’re doodling on your folder and dreaming up ways to make it happen.

And then comes decision time…

Yep, you decide whether to continue to talk about it or actually start taking action.  Sounds simple, right?  If you’re so psyched then there should be no question which path you will take.

Some will go for it! Some will not.

Those who do will experience an amazing journey.  They’ll meet new people, try crazy (the good kind of crazy :)) things and yes, they will deal with many challenges along the way, but they’ll keep going and believing that it is totally worth it.

Those who don’t go for it will most likely continue to talk about it with their friends and then begin to provide every reason they can think of why it’s “probably better this way”.  I doubt that little voice inside telling you to “suck it up and go after your dreams” never fully goes away.

So what about you?  Are YOU all talk or do you take action on your ideas?  How?  What have you done or are doing now?  We want to know so share your comments below! 🙂

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