Be Your Own Muse

Be Your Own Muse

In Greek mythology, the Muses were nine goddesses who symbolized the arts and sciences. Today, most people think of a muse as a person who serves as an artist’s inspiration. In Stephen King’s book, On Writing, he says, “There is a muse, but he’s not going to come fluttering down into your writing room and scatter creative fairy dust all over your typewriter or computer.” King says, “Your job is to make sure the muse knows where you’re going to be every day from nine ‘til noon, or seven ‘till three. If he knows, I assure you that sooner or later he’ll start showing up.”

I love this idea of an angelic creature dancing through the world visiting their humans one by one hoping to find them doing what they love so they can sprinkle shimmery stardust over their heads igniting more passion and enthusiasm. Regardless of whether or not you believe in muses, consider the thought of believing you need something other than yourself to gain inspiration and how that may be affecting your decisions in exploring your passions and creativity.

Many of us wait for inspiration to start our Creative Pursuits. We delay action believing some magical force will grab our hands and pull us off the couch or push us into our workshop. But inspiration doesn’t just show up out of nowhere. Inspiration is generated through action. Action you have the power to take. Pick up the paintbrush, play the guitar, put on your running shoes, or press record.

Don’t wait for inspiration. You have everything you need right now to create it. Be your own muse.

Ideas to Inspire

1. Do What Makes You Better. That’s the topic of this mini-episode of Create For No Reason.

2.  Ready to change your perspective on money? Learn how gratitude will level up your finances with this free 30-Day Gratitude Journal from my friend Tasha Chen.

3. Inspiring Quote: “Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.” – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

4. Book Recommendation: Waking Up by Sam Harris is a guide to meditation as a rational spiritual practice informed by neuroscience and psychology.

5. Journaling Prompt: What would your life look like if you were fully confident in your ideas and yourself? For more journaling prompts, check out my Create For No Reason Journal.