Journey of a Young Entrepreneur: Interview with Channing Miller

Journey of a Young Entrepreneur: Interview with Channing Miller

photo (2)When I found out my friends Nick Mohnacky and Chris Callahan, co-founders of SurfrApp, were opening Startup Palm Beach, an entrepreneur resource center, I was beyond excited.  A chill space where entrepreneurs can gather together to not only get work done, but also bounce ideas off of each other when they need to get unstuck about a particular challenge.

I head up to visit the space and attend their events whenever possible to touch base and see what cool things are happening.  I love talking to entrepreneurs about their journey.  The never ending ups, downs, twists and turns we all experience while building a business are constantly keeping us on our toes.   Being surrounded by others who are pursuing their dreams is almost necessary during the challenging times when we feel like no one else could possibly understand what we are going through.

There is always such an amazing energy at Startup Palm Beach.  People are hustling, ideas are being shared and no matter what how crazy your business may seem, this group believes it is possible. When I met Channing Miller, Co-Founder of Baru Exchange I was drawn to his positive energy and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.  No matter what is happening in his business and life, he always has a smile on his face and is excited about opportunities ahead.

I was so happy when Channing agreed to be interviewed.  In our casual conversation, we talked entrepreneurship, surfing, being open to opportunities and how to turn negative situations into positive ones. Check out my interview with Channing here:

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