How to Love Your Work: Interview with Pamela Slim

How to Love Your Work: Interview with Pamela Slim

photo (7)Do you believe you have more to contribute to this world?  Do you lay awake at night thinking about starting a business?  Or maybe you have an awesome idea, but keep talking yourself out of bringing it up to your boss.

You read inspirational quotes about making a living pursuing your passion, but then you start thinking about the bills you have to pay and the people in your life who depend on you.  We’re all pretty good at talking ourselves out of the things we want most, aren’t we?

We all have a passion.  That one thing we can’t go a day without thinking about and deep down believe is necessary to create and get out into the world.  Some people figure out how to pursue it while others choose to believe there is no way they can achieve their dreams.

I believe that whether you own a business or work for someone else, you can start something that provides the opportunity to fulfill your passion which is why I was very drawn to author and speaker, Pamela Slim.  I had the opportunity to meet her at a conference last year and she is awesome.

Her blog, Escape From Cubicle Nation, has been recognized as one of the best business blogs around.  First of all, the name alone is pretty cool and resonates with many people and second, her content is extremely helpful to anyone who is looking to start something new and figure out a way to pursue work they enjoy doing.

After meeting her, I picked up a copy of her latest book, Body of Work.  As expected, I absolutely loved it. For anyone looking to pursue their passion, this is a must read!  I reached out to Pamela and was thrilled when she agreed to an interview with me.

We talked entrepreneurship, passion and how to start a project you’ve been thinking about. Check it out:

Is there a project you keep thinking about starting?  What is one thing you can start doing today to begin another journey?  Comment below and let me know.

Here’s to starting!