Information Overload…Soak it Up

Information Overload…Soak it Up

When my friends get upset because I don’t know they got a new dog or spent the weekend in the Keys, it becomes an issue.  I mean seriously, I don’t check my Facebook status every three minutes and unless I just happen to look down at my phone or iPad at the exact moment you decided to tweet, there is a chance (and a good one at that) that I didn’t see your post.

Gasp…I know….calm down…it’ll be ok.  There’s always the phone or better yet, FaceTime! 🙂

We are so bombarded with messages every day, it can be a challenge to stay up to date with everything we’d like to especially when it comes to business.  I get tons of really great resources via email and blogs and sometimes I just wish I could spend the entire day reading and learning all of that cool stuff.  Unfortunately that isn’t an option because if I did I would know how to do a bunch of stuff, but never actually get anything done…and that’s never good for business.

There will always be something new to learn and resource to share and while I may not soak everything in, I do my best to learn as much as I can from those I admire.  I’ve always got my iPad to break out when I have pockets of time while waiting for a meeting or grabbing a quick bite to eat.  Some of my favs are Seth Godin, Mashable, Entrepreneur Magazine, TED Talks and Marie Forleo.

What are your favorite resources when looking for great information to help your biz and life?