Is This Anything?

Is This Anything?

Is this anything? According to Jerry Seinfeld, this is the question standup comedians ask each other when they’re working on a new bit. Surprisingly, it’s a question that extends beyond comedy. I find myself wondering the same thing when I have a new idea for a video, a marketing initiative, and even the topics for my newsletter and blog posts.

Is this anything? It’s such a fun question because it invites us to explore our creativity and bring our ideas to life.

Think about the last time you had a promising idea that seemed incomplete. It was exciting, but something was missing and you couldn’t quite figure it out. That was one of your “Is this anything?” moments. What you do next is critical.

Do you let the idea float away never to be seen again or do you explore its potential? Do you start journaling about it, invite your creative friends to a brainstorming sesh, or do you leave it on the floor gasping for air, begging for attention?

Most of our ideas need nurturing. They require vetting, massaging, and refinement, much like new material from comedians.

For example, when I started my podcast Create For No Reason, my co-host and I had a vision. However, it took several weeks to come up with the name and decide on specific topics. Even with each episode, we faced “Is this anything?” moments as we explored different topics our listeners would find interesting. Over a hundred episodes later, the podcast has evolved and it’s been a fun journey. If I hadn’t explored my idea, I may never have started a show that brings me joy.

Your creative passions matter. Whether you’re working on a podcast, blog, business idea, piece of art, music, videos – whatever fuels your soul – your ideas are yours for a reason. They deserve to be worked on so they can do their job of helping you grow.

What is one creative pursuit you wish you were working on? What’s your idea? I bet it’s something. Embrace the power of “Is this anything?” and start exploring. It’ll be worth it.

Ideas to Inspire

1. Five Tips to Becoming a Better Writer. 

2. I can’t stop listening to Edge of the Ocean by Stick Figure.

3. Inspiring Quote: “Your art is what you do when no one can tell you exactly how to do it. Your art is the act of taking personal responsibility, challenging the status quo, and changing people.” – Seth Godin

4. Book Recommendation: If you’re in sales (and who isn’t in some way?), check out Alex Hormozi’s $100M Offers. I’ve been listening to some of his content online and finally picked up a copy of his book. It’s good stuff.

5. Journaling Prompt: How will you respond during your next “Is this anything?” moment?
For more journaling prompts, check out my Create For No Reason Journal.

Create something great this week.