It's All Been Done Before…

It's All Been Done Before…

By someone else. That means not by you…YET! 🙂 You’ve got an amazing idea. One so amazing, in fact that you are positive nobody else has come up with it before. Maybe it’s a new business, product or initiative that you can’t wait to get working on because, well, clearly it is “the next big thing” and YOU thought of it.

As you sit up straigher already feeling a sense of accomplishment, you google your creation (how awesome if your creation was GOOGLE…what would we all do without it? :)).  Immediately your excitment begins to fade as you stare at the screen filled with websites and advertisements about the very thing you just invented.

How did that happen? You were sure you had come up with an original idea never thought of before. And now you feel somewhat defeated and unmotivated to move forward. WHAT? Stop that!

Your idea is still awesome!

Someone may be doing something similar, but guess what…they aren’t doing it the same way that you are going to. You get to bring your fabulous flare and creativity to whatever it is you do and we are all waiting to see it!