Creating Opportunities Through Change

Creating Opportunities Through Change

It’s always a good time to change things up a bit.  Try a new exercise class, order something you’ve never tried at your favorite restaurant, ask your secret crush out on a date or share your brilliant idea with your boss.

Change is good.  It’s exciting.  It’s necessary to grow and continue to get better.  It creates new opportunities you may have never dreamed of.

I’ve been craving a change.  Something big!  Something I’ve never done before.  Not because I’m not happy and not because I’m trying to escape from anything (or anyone for that matter), but simply because I’m excited to try something new and be open to all opportunities I will attract for my business and life.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I kept listening to my gut and it was telling me to get away.  I’ve lived in South Florida most of my life and while I absolutely love it here, I have always been drawn to cities like Chicago and Boston.  When I was in my twenties I dreamed of  being a city girl and almost moved to Chicago until I realized one critically important detail; it’s freezing there!  I love warm weather and the thought of multiple days or weeks without seeing the sun just doesn’t work for me.

So instead of moving away and leaving my awesome family and friends behind, I’ve decided to live somewhere else for one month.  Just a month.  Where am I going?  Charleston, SC!!  I am beyond excited to experience this beautiful city.  Even before reading the 25 Reasons You Must Visit Charleston South Carolina, I was sold on this being the perfect city to spend some time.  Well, that and the fact that my fabulous friend Patty is letting me stay with her.  Yeah, she rocks!

I know not everyone is in a position to move away for a month, but what can you do to break out of your comfort zone and change things up?


If you know of someone cool who lives in Charleston and think it would make sense for us to meet, send me an email and let me know.  I’m always up for meeting fun people.