GO!!  You’ve got an awesome idea…what are you waiting for?

I’m writing this post as I scarf down my lunch (for those curious…I’m having scrumptious spinach turkey meatballs and salad I prepared for my awesome boyfriend last night for dinner…YUM) because I am feeling inspired. Every day I meet creative people with amazing business ideas. Ideas that they are not only passionate about, but if pursued, could actually work!

My friend Ali started a simple business years ago where she helped people become more organized at home and work. Six years later she’s running a school…crazy, right?  If you asked her if this is where she thought she’d be, without hesitation you’d get a resounding “no way!”  🙂  And that’s all part of the fun journey through entrepreneurship.  Click here to see an interview with Ali and check out her business Space Of Mind.

Another friend of mine wants so badly to be a writer. He creates the most beautiful poems and often dreams of a day when he’s walking down the red carpet for the premier of the most anticipated movie of the year…the one that HE wrote. Yes, he dreams of that day, but there’s just one thing holding him back…actually doing something about it!  Taking the baby steps every day to get a little closer to that goal!

The difference between these two creative minds is that Ali actually took (and continues to take) action and created a successful business even though she wasn’t sure what was going to happen or where the journey would lead.  She’s taken a lot of risks and some things turned out great while others were…well…not as fabulous, but she always keeps going.  During the more challenging times, somehow things just worked out or she’d meet someone just as passion about her vision as she was and together…POOF…something new and brilliant transpired.

When everyone thought she was crazy, when things were going less than perfect and when most other people would have given up…she kept going…and is still making amazing things happen and is changing lives.

What is your dream business? What do you want to do with your life? No matter how crazy it may seem and no matter how many people think you are nuts, you owe it to yourself to try.  You don’t have to know the end result to start…you just have to actually START…and watch…you’ll be amazed at what happens. 🙂


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