Show Us What You've Got

Show Us What You've Got

You have the opportunity to show people who you are every day.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur or employee, show us what you’ve got.  Don’t wait to be asked to create something or share your opinion…just get it out. It’s so easy to remain status quo and continue to get the same boring results as usual in your business and life, but why would you do that when you could break out and showcase your super savvy self (I know she’s in there :))?

It makes me what to scream when I hear people say things like “My boss won’t let me do that” or “Why would she give me that project? I don’t know how to do it.”  I mean, seriously…how old are we?  Getting pushed out of your comfort zone is the perfect time to get creative, figure it out and wow your colleagues.

The bottom line is when you see an opportunity to create something new, build a better system or inspire change in your business…run after it with everything you’ve got and don’t you dare look back.  When you’re faced with a challenge don’t go running to your boss to fix it (unless of course you are your boss in which that is exactly what you should do), but instead get inspired to come up with new ideas to achieve better results.

Try something that sounds crazy, but you are convinced will work.  Understand that not everyone will be as enthusiastic as you are, but don’t care.

You have an opportunity to make big things happen.  Are you doing something about it?

Was there a time in your career that you stepped up to the plate, got out of your comfort zone and wowed your audience?  Comment below and tell us about it. 🙂