Stop Asking for Permission

Stop Asking for Permission

Do you ever find yourself getting really excited about an idea?  I mean, REALLY excited to the point that you are convinced that there is no way it isn’t going to work?

I do.  And then sometimes when I am just about to start taking action, that little voice in my head starts saying something like “Why don’t you ask “so and so” first (um…in my head the “so and so” is actually the name of a real person :)).

Why do we do that?!!!  Grrrrr!

When we have a great idea and want to start a new business, write a book, get involved with a committee or whatever fabulousness you’ve dreamed up, why do we second guess ourselves and immediately come up with the not so brilliant idea of asking someone else first?

Here’s the deal…if you want to do it…do it!  Not everyone is going to think it’s a great idea.  In fact, most people probably won’t because most people don’t take action and actually do something that deep down they really want to do.  Whether it’s because of fear or most likely EXCUSES, they just won’t even try so guess what…they aren’t going to be a cheerleader for you to actually do something really cool.

When you want to start something…start.  Asking someone about it before you do just means that you are looking for permission.  Maybe it’s because you want them to tell you to not do it and then you’ve gotten out of what you know will be a challenging new chapter in your life. Maybe it’s because you need someone to validate your idea before moving forward so that if it doesn’t work out you can point the finger at someone other than yourself.  Whatever the reason…STOP!

Just start doing.

When did you start something because you just knew it had to be done and you couldn’t wait to get started?  Share your comments below…we’d love to hear about it.