[Video Interview] Effective Storytelling Tips for Small Business with Park Howell

[Video Interview] Effective Storytelling Tips for Small Business with Park Howell

video-interview-effective-storytelling-tips-forsmall-businesses-1Businesses who know how to clearly convey who they are and how they help their customers are the ones that win big.


Who doesn’t love a good story?

When you can craft the right message and share your small business story effectively, everything seems to fall into place. If you are struggling to make a connection with prospects or if you still haven’t crafted your “30-second pitch”, you must watch my fun interview with Park Howell, owner of The Business of Story.

For over 30 years, Park Howell has helped professional services firms achieve epic growth through the power of story to define their brand and connect with customers. He helps craft and tell compelling business stories that sell.

During our chat, Park shares the 10 quick questions to help you own your brand story. It’s definitely worth taking the time to go through them. He also shares some of the benefits small businesses see after they take the time to develop their brand story. 

Watch my interview with Park here:

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I would love to hear your thoughts about the interview. Did you go through the 10 questions? What is one takeaway you got from watching? Comment below, Tweet me @KateVolman and Park @ParkHowell or you can go old school and send me an email at kate@katevolman.com. I want to hear from you, so don’t be shy. Reach out! 🙂

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