Things Don't Just Happen

Things Don't Just Happen

Have you ever watched someone land their dream client and think “wow, she got a lucky break” or maybe you’re colleague was recruited for a position that you swear was meant for you and started wondering how that happened?  It’s so easy to look around at other people’s successes and think that they were just handed to them for no apparent reason.  It’s easy because the alternative is looking at yourself and realizing that you may not have been taking the kinds of action that create these opportunities.

Over the past ten years I have watched many entrepreneurs build successful businesses while others were making excuses about why they weren’t where they wanted to be in business.  The people who take action every day are the ones that call me screaming (in a good way :)) about an unbelievable success that has occurred.

Things don’t just happen.  It takes work.  It takes passion.  It takes dedication and perseverance.

So when you are dreaming up your next big idea whether it’s a business, a blog or new web tv show, remember that things don’t just happen and you’ve just gotta start.  Do something small every day that gets you excited about building whatever it is that you want to create.  When you’re passionate about it and you continue to move forward, people will start to notice.  You many not even know anyone is watching.  Continue to create and one day it’ll be your phone ringing with an incredible opportunity being presented on the other end of the line.  Oh yeah!!

Have you ever felt like your efforts just weren’t paying off and all of a sudden…boom…something amazing happened?  Share your comments below…we’d love to hear them (especially those who are waiting for “their time” :))