Timing Chooses Us

Timing Chooses Us

Timing chooses us. Not the other way around. We’re rarely ready, but that’s the point. It delights in our reaction to the unpredictable. The death of a family member, loss of a job, meeting the love of your life, or a breakthrough that makes you question everything you’ve thought to be true.

It’s a test. Of our strength. Of our courage. Of our commitment to our dreams.

A complete disregard for circumstances, timing’s passion is to throw us the unexpected and run. Like a child playing hide and seek, it peeks over the corner trying not to giggle.

Will we rise up or will we fall? Timing lives for those moments. Does it hope we’ll be brave? Does it have a desire for us to win?

Timing has a plan. It’s a never-ending game. The levels get harder the better we play. Going all in is the only way to win.

Timing hates perfection. It’s confused by our attachment to it. Hope. Trust. Faith. These are the feelings timing wants us to relish in. Imperfection is where they can be found.

Timing has a secret relationship with God. It knows when to push, when to stay and when to leave.