West Palm Beach Happenings with Aaron Wormus

West Palm Beach Happenings with Aaron Wormus

There’s a lot happening in the business community in West Palm Beach.  And Aaron Wormus always knows what’s going on.  From new restaurant openings to events for entrepreneurs like StartUp Weekend, he’s got you covered.

I met Aaron a few years ago while working as the marketing director for the City of West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency. I quickly discovered he was a local celebrity who made a name for himself on Twitter as @aguyonclematis and his blog A Guy On Clematis.  I was so impressed with the community he built and how passionate he was about West Palm Beach it was only a matter until we became friends.

He and I have great conversations about entrepreneurship, small business, social media and of course marketing.  During our chats we always end up saying we should record a video series discussing upcoming happenings in West Palm Beach with a specific focus on the topics of entrepreneurship and marketing.

So we finally decided to take action!  Below is the first of many videos we’ll be sharing with you.  We would love to hear your feedback so don’t be shy!  You can reach Aaron at @aguyonclematis and me at @katevolman.

We hope you enjoyed this video.  We are excited to share great resources with you so if you have any questions, please let us know.

Thanks for watching.  Now go do something awesome!