What Will Happen if You "LIKE" It?

What Will Happen if You "LIKE" It?

I’ll tell you what will happen…you’ll help me win the co-host spot for a new webtv show (and I want it really really bad) 🙂  Listen, I can’t help it…I just love marketing.  I could talk about business and marketing all day long and being part of this new show would be a dream come true.

Starr Hall is one of my favorite marketers so you can only imagine my excitement when I found out she was looking for a co-host for her new show.  Oh yeah, that spot has my name written all over it.

And the fun part is….YOU get to help me win that spot.  Yep, and then we get to create a show that will not only be fun, but also an awesome resource for entrepreneurs and professionals.  Ahhhh, I get excited just thinking about it!!

Ok, I could go on and on, but just click here to check out my video on why I would make the best co-host and then vote for me by liking it.  Oh yeah, get excited!!

Super special thanks to all who vote for me.  You rock and I REALLY appreciate it. 🙂