When You Love What You Do…

When You Love What You Do…

You just can’t help but be awesome at it! 🙂

I just got back from Arizona where I attended a conference.  Of course it’s always great to meet new people and share ideas, but one thing that I realized most while I was there was how passionate some of the speakers and attendees were.  The way they talked about what they did got everyone in the room excited.  One speaker in particular that I couldn’t help but adore was educating the class on research….um…yawn, right?  Nope, he was hilarious and made it so much fun to listen to.  He had awesome examples of some really creative ways he did business.

As I sat in another class focused on events and sponsorships I found myself laughing with the instructor because she was so giddy about her business and couldn’t help getting so excited to work with everyone in the room to get more creative with their marketing strategies.

Are you this excited about your business?  Do you get so crazy passionate when talking to others about what you do that there is no way they wouldn’t hire you and/or talk you up to others?

I don’t know about you, but I chose to work with people who are head over heals in love with what they do for their clients and who can’t get enough of learning and growing in their industry.

Yep, when you love what you do you just can’t help but ROCK at it which definitely leads to better sales and building a customer base that will stand by your side.

Do YOU love what you do?  Tell us about it by commenting below….you know you want to. 🙂