Why Don't We Start?

Why Don't We Start?

photo (4)Is there something you have been meaning to do with your life? Learn a new language, read more, volunteer, start a blog, change careers, start investing your money, etc.?  You think about it every day and your intention is always to get started. In fact, most days you believe that today will be that day.

But then you get out of bed and the craziness of life happens and before you know it another day has passed and you are no closer to accomplishing that one idea you are passionate about pursuing.

Why do we do this?  Why do we allow ourselves to get comfortable with the way things are instead of taking even one small step towards the things we want most?

It is so easy to go about our days doing the same thing over and over.  We are creatures of habit and get comfortable with our routines.  This isn’t always a bad thing, but when we have a desire to make changes in our lives and start something new, we have to be bold and step outside of our comfort zone.

Health and fitness have always been important to me.  In high school I played sports, in college I was a lifeguard and while I was looking for a job after graduation, I worked part time at a gym and taught step class.  It wasn’t in 2004 that I realized I wanted to see better results.  I didn’t necessarily need to loose weight, but considering I worked out regularly and thought I was eating well, I knew I could look and feel better so I hired a trainer.

I still remember my first session with her.  I went in feeling excited to get started and sixty minutes later I could barely walk out.  She kicked my butt three days a week for months.  I followed her diet and workout plan with no cheating (ok, I cheated twice) and after about only a month I started getting toned and feeling great!

Although I was fine with the way I looked prior to hiring a trainer, I couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like to get more fit and feel better.  Instead of sitting around doing the same thing over and over continuing to wonder what it would be like to feel different, I decided to take action and go for it.

That experience changed my life and I continue to try new workouts, test healthy recipes and live a healthier lifestyle.

What have you been thinking about changing in your life?  Have you thought about starting a business?  Start writing out a plan including what it is you want to do, who you can reach out for help and start making those calls.  Do you want to be a better cook?  Sign up for a cooking class and get started.

Take one step towards achieving something that excites you.  Once you start, you will be amazed at how excited you get to continue.