Why Sharing Your Story is Important

Why Sharing Your Story is Important

We all have a story.  You may not think yours is very interesting or worth sharing.  But I hope watching this TED Talk will change your mind.

When we feel the most alone and believe nobody in the world could image what we are going through, being reminded of the millions of people experiencing similar feelings can make all the difference.  It gives us a better understanding of what other people have gone through.  And it helps us put things into perspective.

I watched Dave Isay’s TED talk, Everyone Around You Has a Story the World Needs to Hear, while getting ready one morning last week.  It is brilliant!  And hearing some of the stories he shared actually brought tears to my eyes, which made it difficult to put on my eyeliner and finish my make-up. 🙂

But seriously, I immediately became a fan of Dave’s and StoryCorps!  Make some time to watch this amazing talk!

Are you inspired to have a conversation with someone you love?  Who is it?  And what will you ask them?

Here’s to your story!