You Just Have to Start

You Just Have to Start

I read about people who gave up their fancy corporate jobs with huge salary and annual bonus to start a business they’ve been dreaming up for years.  I see people create something out of nothing and all of a sudden they realize they are building an empire.  I’ve watched stay at home moms start blogging and quickly realize just how much what they have to say matters.  I’ve seen people fearful of taking that next step keep a smile on their face throughout the entire crazy and wild ride of entrepreneurship.

You never know what is going to inspire you to do something amazing, but every day we are surrounded by people who take risks, go for it and never give up.  They don’t make excuses and they don’t complain about where they are.  They believe in their future and know that it will be better than their past.

It’s scary to start something new.  To begin a journey you’ve only thought about…a lot!  When you think about everything that it will take to get there it’s easy to crawl under your covers or turn on the tv to watch something mindless, but you the second you do that little voice inside is screaming at you (and it gets loud, doesn’t it?:))

It won’t be perfect the first time and you will definitely learn a lot.  The only thing you have to do today…now…is start!



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