Marketing Divaz

Marketing Divaz is an online marketing firm dedicated to helping their clients position themselves as the expert in their industry.  From website development and blogging to social media and lead generations, Marketing Divaz is committed to helping their clients get results!

Show Us What You've Got

You have the opportunity to show people who you are every day.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur or employee, show us what you’ve got.  Don’t wait to be asked to create something or share your opinion…just get it out. It’s so easy to remain status quo and continue to get the same boring results as usual…


Information Overload…Soak it Up

When my friends get upset because I don’t know they got a new dog or spent the weekend in the Keys, it becomes an issue.  I mean seriously, I don’t check my Facebook status every three minutes and unless I just happen to look down at my phone or iPad at the exact moment you…


Things Don't Just Happen

Have you ever watched someone land their dream client and think “wow, she got a lucky break” or maybe you’re colleague was recruited for a position that you swear was meant for you and started wondering how that happened?  It’s so easy to look around at other people’s successes and think that they were just…